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How to apply?

To become eligible for our services;

Criteria for eligibility in order to have access to l'Atelier R.A.D.O. Inc. services, you need to qualify as a person or family with low income.

The documents you need to present are:

  • Tax report, 
  • Proof of income, 
  • Work stub, unemployment, 
  • Social assistance, CPP, etc.

 Other documents that you might need;

  • Child tax benefit, 
  • Alimony, 
  • Invalidity insurance, 
  • Student loans, 
  • Wage insurance or other, 
  • Rent, mortgage, 
  • Electric bill, 
  • Telephone bill, 
  • Cable bill, 
  • Etc.

Open with appointment only.

You must call, 24 hours prior, to this number 735-6313, and ask for a relief food box.

To qualify for a relief box, you must:

  • Have a valid RADO card. 
  • We will ask you for documents that support that you are unable, at this time, to purchase your own food. 
  • If you qualify for a relief box of food, it can be possible for you to reapply, for up to six times per year, also with a possibility of a Christmas box. 
  • Important: You can only be eligible for a relief box of food every 45 days.    

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